About T9 Design


T9 Design Ltd. is an experienced and dynamic company specializing in the design, development and production of quality textile products for military, security and civilian applications. With years of experience in the Israeli and global markets, our company ensures a strong and אודות החברה 1reliable line of products.

  • Combat vests and military accessories – used in routine security activities, low-intensity warfare and long-term military operations.
  • Tactical carriers, heavy-duty bags and equipment – for specific purposes and special missions.
  • Tactical vests, gun holsters and accessories – for homeland security, search & rescue teams and private contractors.
  • Bulletproof protective vests and plat-carriers

The entire production process is completed in Israel by a staff that specializes in the production of heavy-duty textile products. Among our clients are various units within the Israeli Special Forces, Police S.W.A.T department, Search & Rescue Teams, Privet Security units and many clients from the private sector.

Decades of operational experience

Our team of experts provides you with a vast knowledge base and years of experience in designing and manufacturing operational gear. As a registered licensed supplier of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, T9 Design’s battle-proven products are manufactured according to ISO requirements and meet the most stringent MIL-STD specifications.

 Off-the-shelf or custoאודות החברה 2m made – the choice is yours

 Whether you seek off-the-shelf or tailor designed equipment, T9 Design’s uniqueness lies in its ability to customize perfect  solutions specific to the needs of our clients. We provide elite service for individual clients searching for one-of-a-kind solutions, military and security units with dozens of members and to integrator and large organizations interested in developing their next product. T9 Design, personal and professional service will ensure the very best product with the highest level of quality.

Custom-tailored solutions

T9 Design provides all-inclusive solutions crafted precisely according to our client’s needs. Using the System Design Review international standards our R&D department will provide you with the exact product to meet your demand. Services we provide to ensure this customized process include:

  • Precise characterization of client’s operational needs, selection of materials (camouflage, insulation, cellular blocking and more) and defining the design concept.
  • Simulating the product, per-production.
  • Field testing, trials and adjustments, before serial production.
  • Individualized post sale support throughout the lifetime of the product.